Your wife is like a kitchen back splash….

I’ll start with this statement… wife is beautiful. I’ve shared with her how I feel about her. I’ve learned that unfortunately that she doesn’t always see what I see. Am I wrong? No…it is just a matter of perspective. I made a discovery that might help all of us men that are confused. It seems silly, but it seems to provide a little insight to their thought process. Have you ever completed a home improvement project? I tiled a kitchen back splash. People would see the kitchen and compliment me on how great it looked. But I knew it wasn’t perfect. I could point out every crooked tile…every mistake that I had made installing the tile. Nobody would see it. But I knew. Transition to your wife getting ready in the morning. You are checking out your wife. She looks great. You compliment her and she rolls her eyes. Why? Because she can see every imperfection that she believes that she has or that society tells her she has.

What do we do? We stay strong. Your wife is beautiful to you; so share that with her often and boldly. But know….we will never be able to convince her of that fact. Our role is to share our feelings in an effort to reinforce the beauty that God has created in our wives.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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