Being Leaders

Our society continually fails to promote personal responsibility. Read the headline today:
“Idaho family US Forest Service for $1M after tree hit son” – it appears that they failed to look around to make sure that they were not setting up their campsite near a dead tree.

We even have news organization promoting the idea that kids don’t belong to their parents, but rather the community as a whole.

God created us to lead our marriages and our families. Repeatedly – the Bible instructs men to lead their wives, parents to lead their children and men to lead their church. It even task older women to teach younger women. I have failed to find anything that indicates that we are to absolve ourselves of personal responsibility or hand over our leadership to society in general.

Are you worried that you are capable to lead your family? Go back and start with yesterday’s blog; and then continue to read the blog over the next couple of weeks. We are going talk more about leadership in the home.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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