While a hedge might not be what your property needs, it is what your marriage needs. When we talk about building a hedge in your marriage, we’re actually talking about constructing a mutually protective investment that will allow your marriage to flourish like never before. Merriam-Webster provides numerous definitions for “hedge.” Some do a perfect job of defining a hedge’s role in marriage. The other half make great antonyms.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. any barrier or boundary
2. to … restrict; to prevent or hinder free movement; to obstruct
3. a row of bushes or small trees planted close together, esp. when forming a fence or boundary …
4. to protect with qualifications that allow for unstated contingencies or for withdrawal from commitment
5. the act or means of preventing complete loss of a bet, an argument, an investment, or the like

Number 5 may be the most telling of all definitions. Boundaries in marriage, tempered with grace and forgiveness, prevent the loss of the second greatest investment you’ll ever make: marriage. The first? Surrendering your life to Christ. To make hedge-building worth your work, you must first view your marriage as a precious, valuable investment.

Here are a few simple indicators that your marriage may require hedging:

• You and your spouse don’t attend church regularly
• You and your spouse don’t eat dinner together
• You or your spouse work full time
• You or your spouse are Caucasian, African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian or any other race
• You or your spouse watch too much TV
• You, and/or your spouse, are human

You may be newlyweds, parents to elementary-aged children or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. You may have a large wedding ring and spend lots of time together. You may consider yours a “strong, Christian marriage.” Regardless, your marriage needs hedging!

Do you truly expect your house to be robbed or to burn down when you install a security system and sprinklers? Do you truly expect to have an auto accident when you purchase car insurance? You make these investments because you want to protect a valuable asset. Make the investment in your marriage.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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