Our Flag…and honoring your wife

A friend of mine shared this story about honoring the American Flag.

“Fort McHenry. You know, that’s where Frances Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner when he saw the flag still raised after a 26 hour bombing by the British.

What really got my attention was the HONOR the tour guide bestowed upon the flag. Let me describe the scene.

There were hundreds of people touring the fort when the guide announced that it was time to lower the flag. He asked the guests to help.

I don’t know if you’ve been to Fort McHenry, but the flag is enormous. The guide said it was 40 feet long by 30 feet wide. That’s half the size of a basketball court. So when that flag came down, it took all of us (a few hundred guests) to stand around the four sides of the flag and hold it off the ground.

Now you might ask: Why can’t the flag touch the ground? Why interrupt a few hundred people touring Fort McHenry so stitched cloth doesn’t touch a well manicured lawn? Why not just let it down, fold it up, and stuff it away?

No way!

You should have heard the tour guide talk about the flag. You would have thought it was a delicate family heirloom.

Not only did the tour guide beg us to be careful that the flag not touch the ground, but he also pleaded for us to be ambassadors for the Star Spangled Banner. He explained that professional singers bastardize the Star Spangled Banner by forgetting words or inserting sounds between words to bring attention to themselves. He felt this was dishonorable to the flag and to the national anthem and that these performers lacked a certain awe or respect that the flag and the anthem were due.

The tour guide went on for 20 minutes explaining exactly how to care for a flag. He also recited every verse of the Star Spangled Banner and talked about the proper way to sing it.”

Do you remember when you and your spouse were so careful with each other? You treated each other like a guide at Fort McHenry treats the American flag and the national anthem. You measured your words and watched your behavior. You took care to honor your spouse and to sing words of praise into them.

Happy Fourth of July!

Be Strong. Act Like Men


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