Train Hard

Why do athletes sacrifice, endure pain, push their bodies beyond their limits, and pass up other opportunities? The answer: because they want to! And why do they want to? Because to compete at the highest level. You must. And because it is worth it!

Physical fitness isn’t just about adding elements that improve your health, like exercise and more fruits and vegetables. It’s also about subtracting elements that are not compatible with your goal. Could you really call yourself “healthy” if you exercised faithfully but continued to smoke or eat at fast food restaurants?
Guys…your marriage is like physical fitness. If you want to be successful, you have to stop certain activities that are unhealthy for your relationship.

Being successful in your marriage is like training for a gold medal; it takes 2 kinds of commitment. It takes commitment to do some things and a commitment to avoid doing other things.

“Avoid doing what?” you might ask. There’s much to this, but for now your task is to pick one thing of your choice. What one thing, if you refrained from doing it, would improve your marriage? What one thing are you doing that’s unhealthy for your relationship? Pick one thing and begin refraining from it today.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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