Right in Front of You.

Do you ever overlook all the blessings that God has provided in your life?

We headed to Cape Cod for vacation. I listened to my wife sitting in the back seat with her mom and daughter laughing. It carried me back. Her laugh is contagious. It has always made me smile. It made me start to consider what other things I wasn’t seeing, so I thought each day that I would identify the one thing that made me smile the most starting with the long car ride day:

Thursday: Candy Crush. It is an obsession. I know she thinks that it annoys me that she gets so focused on it. It really doesn’t. I think it is neat how passionate she can be.

Friday: Playing pitch with her family. I enjoy her competitive side (especially – when it is on my side).
Saturday: Sleeping in the car. She is a champ! She is beautiful and peaceful when she is sleeping.

Sunday: $2 fan. It’s a funny story for another day. She is persistent and not afraid to speak her mind.

Monday: Traditions. She has a dedication to preserving traditions and creating new ones.

Tuesday: Crazy blue piece. She has always searched for seaglass while at Cape Cod. She introduced me to it last summer. It is fun to find the good pieces. We found this beautiful blue piece. Her excitement was so cool.

Wednesday: Ice cream everyday is a tradition even when it rains. I can’t explain it…but watching her run through the ran screaming with the girls was beautiful.

Thursday: Kite. We found a kite washed up on the beach. We recovered it. She was so excited to be flying the kite. I am smiling as I am writing about it.

Friday: Seaglass in the rain. We spent 20 minutes searching for seaglass in the cold and windy rain storm. We had to find one last piece before we left.

Babe…I would like to thank you for a wonderful vacation. You touch my heart every day. You are truly a gift from God.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” James 1: 17

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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