You Can Do Better

Do not let the sun go down on your anger. EPHESIANS 4:26

Sharing a devotional from Bob Rainey today:

Every so often—through an aspect of His grace that feels much more like a punch in the stomach—God will crash His way into a pity party and spoil all the fun we get from sulking. That’s exactly what happened on the night I was telling you about yesterday.

As I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and angry at Barbara, God began the process of convicting me of my selfishness. He reminded me that the very next day, I would be speaking to a large conference crowd, telling them what they should do in situations just like this one.

Oh, yeah . . . I forgot.

And with that little revelation of reality and honesty, all the air went out of my argument. I didn’t turn over to face Barbara right away, but I did promise myself I was going to be the first to set things straight in the morning. I was going to apologize. She was right. It was my fault. All my fault.

Things were still a little tense when we sat down together at breakfast the next morning, but I looked Barbara in the eye and admitted how selfish and preoccupied I had been, how I should have responded to her first distress signal. “It was very insensitive of me. I blew it. I’m sorry.”

“Well,” she said, “I’m sorry, too. It was pretty childish of me to hit you with that pillow. But finding you sitting there watching TV when I needed you, it just . . . that was the last straw.”

We talked a while longer. Then I headed out to catch my plane. But by the time I left, we were both feeling a lot better. Even though we didn’t feel like it, we forgave each other anyway—by an act of the will.

Reconciliation. It’s better than American Express. Don’t leave home without it.


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