No One Comes Close

Men, we are constantly barraged with culture’s standard of womanly beauty. We are subconsciously told over and over again that a beautiful woman must be skinny, tall, wear certain clothes, act a certain way, and have a risque appetite for sex. Advertisers and content producers spend billions reinforcing what culture deems beautiful. The funny thing is that if asked to describe what a beautiful woman looks like, content producers would quickly mention inner beauty, individual uniqueness, and personality. You’ll never catch them verbalizing that beauty has to look the way they show.

We’ve talked about how our wives see themselves based on how our culture sees them – see Your Wife is a Kitchen Back-splash. My wife is beautiful. She truly is…to the point that I struggle with not staring at her at times. I’ve remained consistent in my effort to reinforce the beauty that God created in her…but I had a revelation this morning in my quiet time. It was a completely different feeling about my wife’s beauty. To be blunt…my wife is better looking to me than your wife. No offense. It’s just a fact. Now…that doesn’t mean your wife isn’t beautiful to you. My wife is just more beautiful to me than your wife. No one compares to her. My standard of beauty is my wife. It is nothing else…no one else…than the woman that God created. Nothing can measure up.

Give it a shot with your wife. Take your wife as she is – height, weight, hair color, eye color, voice, mannerisms, everything – and set her apart in your mind. Now instead of comparing her to other women, compare other women to her. The less they look like her, exactly as she is, the less attractive they are. In other words – your wife is the ultimate example of beauty, one that can never be matched.

The reality is, true love does exactly what I’m proposing. When we truly love our wives, we have a singular, discriminatory focus on her. She is your object of affection, your ultimate prize. Make her your ultimate standard of beauty. Lavish affection, admiration, and adoration on her. Never let yourself grow tired of the woman you married; always remind yourself of the woman she is. Let yourself get lost in her beauty, and watch as all other distractions turn pale in comparison.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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