Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. It was the chart topping song from the summer. Have you read the lyrics? I’ve been talking to my daughters about respecting themselves and their bodies. I’ve been focusing on highlighting the beauty that God created in them. It is a constant battle against the messages imbedded in our culture toward women. There is a world that wants to force women into plastic molds. It is a relentless refrain that wants to cage women into a specific image while telling that she really wants it….that she really wants to be treated like this by men.

I am no expert…..but I have read plenty of articles, heard many podcast and been listening to my wife. Just some thoughts on how women define a true man…

Real manhood never objectifies women but edifies women. Real men actually ask women what they want. Real men hear what women really want is for their words and ideas and dreams to carry more weight than numbers on a scale. Real men hear what women really want is for their souls to be appreciated, not their skin to be assessed. Real men like you adore women with crazy hair early on Friday morning, think nothing of finding the toilet plunger and braving the clogged toilet, real men can make dinner and load the dishwasher. Real men know that sharing a vowed life is the wildest affair of all. Real men pursue their wives through their pursuit of God.

There are no blurred lines here.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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