It’s 2 degrees in Fargo

It is important that we have people in our lives that can offer a different perspective. I am blessed that God has placed others in my life that do just that. I enjoyed lunch with two friends yesterday who do just that. I wanted to share with you what I learned as a result of our lunch.

We are very limited in those things that we actually have the ability to control. It really boils down to this…we can control OUR perspective and effort. That’s all. I can decide my attitude toward a situation and how much effort I am going to make to influence it. That realization is both comforting and difficult to accept at the same time. We can do what we can the best we can with the best attitude we can; and then….we need to give the control to God to handle.

Why the title?

It will be 71 degrees today here. A friend is traveling to North Dakota to visit his new grandson today. It will be 2 degrees when he arrives. He doesn’t care about the temperature. He has the right perspective.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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