What’s Your Ratio?

On to what’s important… Here’s the skinny: research shows that the most important thing you can be with your spouse is his or her FRIEND. 70% of happily married couples say this is the most important part of their marriage.

If your marriage is an unhappy place, research also shows that happy couples have 5 positive interactions to each negative one.

What is your ratio?

Want to overhaul your marriage starting right now? CREATE positive interactions.

Here’s just a couple you can do today:

1. Text “I’m so glad I married you!”
2. Email, “I was thinking about your strengths today… my favorite is your ability to …”
3. Do an act of service for your spouse – and let him/her know you did it by saying, “Hey, I was thinking of how much I love you today and so I (whatever you did) for you.”
4. Put your arms around your spouse and say, “I am thankful we are together.”
5. Spend TIME with your spouse today, doing anything you and s/he enjoy.
6. Buy her a small thing that says, “I was thinking of you today.”

Give it a shot. Try it for 30 days. It takes a while to change habits and perceptions.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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