Learning to Heel

We’ve talk about the dangers of making assumptions and avoiding perceptions. I’ve learn through experience that to truly get the outcome you are hoping for is to learn and practice in the middle of the difficult circumstance. It works with training a dog. I believe that it can help be applied to training out thoughts.

If your dog is taking you for a walk instead of you walking them…you need to learn how to get him to heel, and then practice it over and over. If he doesn’t heel anywhere but on the sidewalk in a quiet neighborhood, then you better get downtown around a crowd of people to work through the many failures and achieve success. He won’t learn to heel in a crowd unless she practices in a crowd. Ultimately…you have a dog that works with you rather than running all over the place.

If you train your thoughts to stay under control even in the most difficult circumstances, then you have a thought process that helps you rather than runs all over you. It takes practice, but while you won’t get a Milkbone….the reward will be worth the effort.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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