Silent Treatment Kills Joy

One of the actions irritating marriages today is the silent treatment. A young wife asked me to “talk some sense” into her husband. “All he does,” she said, “is close up on me when we disagree. He won’t fight back, he just walks out the door. When he cools down, he comes home but he is like ice until I make up with him. He can go for days without saying a word. I hate it! I’d rather he yell or even hit me. But no more silent treatment—I can’t take anymore.”

Silent treatment in marriage is wrong. It is deadly wrong to say to your husband or wife, “Just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk. I’m going through a rough place so just let me work it out by myself. I don’t want to be around anybody right now.” That is not only unproductive, it is a genuine put-down of your relationship.

What is marriage all about if it is not about sharing and helping one another through every crisis?
We have heard or used all the excuses: “I’m not feeling well.” “I’ve had a really bad day.” “My nerves are shot.” But these excuses do not give you the moral right to shut out someone who loves you. Always keep the door to your heart open to accept help in your time of need.
The Bible says, “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls” (Proverbs 25:28).

If the joy of the Lord is our strength, then strong marriages should abound with joy. When marriage loses its joy, it becomes weak and vulnerable. Show me a happy home, and I’ll show you a joyful couple at the helm.

Husbands and wives who no longer laugh and play together no longer love each other. There is a joyful childishness about true love. I have come to the conclusion that our marriages are suffering from too many sober husbands and sad wives.

Sure, there are problems. There is sickness, unexpected trouble, financial problems, misunderstanding, pain, and even death. But life goes on and it is a shame that so many couples never enjoy life. They keep hoping they will someday be happy and contented. Life passes by quickly and all they have to show for it are the wrinkles and lines on their worried faces.

The future is now. God is on the throne and He has everything under control. There is a time for weeping, but also a time for rejoicing. The good outweighs the bad, so look up and live.
The Bible says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones” (Proverbs 17:22).

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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