Screen Free Week!

Hello Everyone!

I am proud to announce that it is National Screen Free Week!

Check out:

Our family will be participating. Television – off. Laptop, desktop and iPad – off. Smartphones – limited to phone calls only. No texting. Time spent with each other – on! So with that shared….we have a brief messages to share (written and scheduled last week) and then we’ll be back next week.

When times get the murkiest: Remember that you don’t need to have the answers (or your technology) you just need God.

That is a faith statement—something that people who walk by feelings can’t say, because it demands that they know and trust God enough to be able to handle the challenges He often allows into life. Faith like this brings freedom and peace, even in the midst of the storms of life, known only by those who choose to set their dial and choose to live by the trusted timeless truths of Scriptures. When life isn’t fair, God is still there—to make sure you have everything you need to hang in there.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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