Being Screen Free

No television. No internet surfing. No text messages. No Candy Crush or Ham Run.
And we survived!

My observations from the week:

Not watching television – that was a piece of cake. Not texting – that was a little more difficult. I did well – only two text exchanges all week. Both were with my sons. Not using the internet – that was alright. It required a little creativity. I am grateful for being able to call 411. Without it – reserving a table for Mother’s Day dinner would have required a car ride to the restaurant. It seems that the phone book has disappeared over the last ten years.

What happened? My wife and I spent more time talking and doing things together and with the kids. I spent more time talking to people on the phone than I had in a long time because texting was limited. We played games and went for walks in the evening. We had to pick up the Bible rather than simply reading our email devotions. It was nice.

Can the technology be beneficial? Absolutely!

That said – I witnessed that it is not required. I believe that we all spend too much time with the smartphone in our hand or with our eyes focused on the screen. We miss time with the ones that we should be loving instead of “liking”.

I noticed that when I looked up….that God had blessed me even more than I realized.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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