We are going to talk about our smartphones this week. Maybe you are reading this from your smartphone….that’s okay. We have to get everyone’s attention somehow!

Have you ever noticed how culture glorifies multi-tasking and busyness? Lately, it seems we’re trying to accomplish more than ever in shorter and shorter periods of time. We buy faster and more efficient technology and install apps on our phones in the hopes of getting ahead.

In fact, I bet some will even admit to a rush that comes from simultaneously answering emails, talking on the phone and scanning Facebook while sitting in the car!

But what happens when we do all of this from the kitchen countertop as we serve our children their morning cereal? How is this constant multi-tasking lifestyle impacting our kids? How is it impacting our marriages?

A study from the University of Essex which revealed that people who engaged in personal conversations when a cell phone was close-by, even if neither person was on the phone, reported less trust in their partners and less relationship quality overall.

WIRED magazine recently explored this question. The piece describes how mobile users check their smartphones an average of 150 times a day. That’s once every six-and-a-half minutes!
The honest person will admit that, sadly, our kids and spouse must often compete for our time and for undivided eye contact, empathy and attention. We probably don’t want to acknowledge it, but most of our kids and spouse have tried to tell us a story only to hear a mindless, “Mm-hmm” because we were also trying to read an email or text message.

Consider taking a temporary “phone fast” to break any bad habits that you might have fallen into. Maybe one or two days a week. Maybe your family vacation. Connect with your children and your spouse?

Trust me….the rest of the world will survive without you for a couple of days! You will too!

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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