Accept These Things to Improve Your Marriage

Nina Roesner ( shares three things we need to accept to change our marriage are simply these:

• We need to accept that WE are sinners, but also saints, and really no better or worse than anyone else – in accepting ourselves, we stop feeling like we fail, stop embracing guilt, stop fostering shame towards ourselves.

• We need to accept that God loves us – just the way He made us (which is sinful, btw) and no amount of striving for perfection is going to change that. When we accept and receive His great love for us, our obedience is a love response just to please Him, not the following of a set of rules, but rather being in healthy relationship with God.

• We need to accept others and receive their attempts at loving us – if we are constantly dishing judgment, we just create more rifts in our relationships, and fail to communicate who He is to the world, the way He intended us to.


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