It was 70 years ago. Paratroopers, sailors and airmen waiting to receive orders to head to the beaches and field of Normandy. All of these men faced obstacles with a courage that defies the circumstances they face. Their drive seemed to gather momentum despite adversity. Did they always succeed? Did they know that they live to see D-Day plus 1? No, but they don’t let fear stop them in their tracks before moving ahead. Many of these men have shared that they relied on their faith.

As a result of their sacrifice – we are faced with life and death situations each day. Our problems do not compare; however can be overwhelming nonetheless. Instead of allowing the problem at hand to overwhelm you, think about the Resource at your disposal. Make a mental list of past situations in which God protected you, provided for you and cared for you. Refuse to be intimidated by your spiritual enemies—no matter how enormous they seem.

Remind yourself of the One who is always there for you.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.


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