Naked Marriage

I believe that there is a “right” model of marriage and it’s actually much simpler than we may think. As a Christian, I believe in a loving God who created people and created marriage, so I also believe that His model of marriage is the best one. In the Biblical book of Genesis, we’re given the account of the first marriage. God created a couple who temporarily lived in an ideal setting with no debt, no crazy in-laws, no baggage, no stress, no fighting and last but not least…no clothing!

“Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame.” Genesis 2:25

When God painted this picture of a “Naked Marriage” I believe He was revealing to us something more than just sexual intimacy; He was revealing the importance of having complete transparency, vulnerability, acceptance and intimacy at every level of the relationship. I’m certainly not advocating that we all walk around nude all day (although I do think most marriages would benefit from more “naked time”!), but I am suggesting that we all need to become more intentional about reconnecting with that true intimacy that Adam and Eve got a taste of in the Garden of Eden.

Practically speaking, here are four simple ways you and your wife can rediscover a “Naked Marriage.”

1. Don’t keep secrets

Keeping secrets from your spouse is like putting a veil over your soul and not letting your spouse see behind it. There’s no place for secrets in marriage. Intimacy is born out of openness and complete honesty.

2. Make Love, not War

I stole this motto from the hippies, but when it comes to marriage, they’re onto something! Couples should make sex a priority while simultaneously making an effort to replace “fighting” with constructive communication.

3. Laugh more

This one might take you by surprise or seem out of place, but I’m convinced that nothing ties two souls together like sharing moments of joy. Prioritize “fun” in your marriage and your intimacy will improve on every level!

4. Pray together

Prayer is one of the most intimate acts a couple can share. Adam and Even had true intimacy with each other only when they had true intimacy with their Creator. The more you love God, the more capacity you will have to love your spouse.


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