Smartphones – Killing the mood?

We’ve talked about the impact of technology on marriage. If you missed it – go back to the middle of May 2014. Impact on our marriages, our children and our safety. Today…I have a different question for you:

Is the use of your smartphone or checking you social media killing you sex life?

I read an article a couple of weeks ago that talked about the correlation between having a TV in your bedroom and the frequency (and quality) of sex. It said that having a TV in the bedroom cuts your sexual frequency in half. Does it seem logical to apply the same to our smartphones? Even more so…watching TV could be a joint activity while scrolling through our social media or playing games is an individual activity. I think the use of electronics in the bedroom is potentially a method to avoid intimacy; intimacy of all kinds.

Guys…if you want to build intimacy (and potentially improve the frequency of sex); then it might be time to take the lead in declaring your bedroom a screen-free zone.

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