QOTD – September 5th

What scares you about our relationship?

Truth be told, what often scares us the most is our vulnerability – how we are unavoidably vulnerable to each other when we choose to be in a relationship.  So discuss this fact openly.  Clear the air with the people you care about.

Consider the fact that all of us are subconsciously hardwired to connect with each other – through friendship, love, intimacy, and so forth – and your willingness to be vulnerable is the gateway to the affection you crave.  But it takes serious courage to push the limits of your vulnerability, to dig deeper and deeper into the core of who you are as an individual, and not only love and accept the imperfect parts of yourself, but also expose them to someone else, trusting that this person will hold them lovingly.

Ultimately, to love is to be vulnerable, and to be willing to be vulnerable is to show your absolute greatest strength and your truest self.  Finding and nurturing the right relationships that make this kind of love possible is a beautiful, lifelong process.


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