10 Reasons You Should Date Your Daughter

A great article for fathers with daughters.  It is written by Shane Pruitt.

“I’ve taken a shower, put on clean clothes, and have gone to the store to get flowers. Our plans have been made long in advance. We’re going to have a not-so-quiet meal at McDonald’s, then it’s off for an exciting night of games and tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese.

I pull up to my own house to pick up my date. With my flowers in hand, the door opens and on the other side is one beautiful girl. It’s one of my daughters. Yes, it’s date night with one of my special girls.

Here are ten reasons why I date my daughters:

1. The Day Draws Near: It’s only a short time before the knuckleheads come around – a.k.a. teenage boys!

2. Spiritual Health: Often my daughter’s view of her heavenly Father will be influenced heavily by how she views me as her earthly father.

3. Valued: The most valuable gift that you can give someone is your time. It is truly a gift you cannot take back, and I want my daughters to feel valued.

4. Fulfilled: If they have my attention, then they don’t have to look for someone else’s attention. If they are full from receiving my attention, then they won’t be starving for someone else’s attention…mainly boys!

5. Pursued: If they feel like they’re being pursued from an early age by their daddy, then there is not an immediate need to be pursued by other males.

6. Expectation: I get to set the standard. If I want her future husband to be a spiritual leader, a gentleman, and a tender warrior, then it is up to me to be that for her now so that those qualities will become her expectation from now on.

7. Teachable Moments: There are special moments over chicken nuggets that are profitable for teaching. It’s in those one-on-one times that I can speak words over her about true beauty being found on the inside, the place where integrity, character, and compassion reside. I can help her shape a healthy view of beauty, instead of culture giving her an unhealthy one.

8. Discipleship: It provides great opportunities and time for God-talks. A chance to talk about Jesus, church, and the Bible. She can learn from me, and I can learn from her. This also sets the standard of what she will expect in the future, when it comes to conversations with a man/ They should be centered on God.

9. Investment: I’m already investing in my grandchildren. Most likely, my daughters will raise their children in a very similar way to how I raised them. Remember, when we were kids and said, “I’ll never say the things my parents said!”How has that worked out for you?

10. Remembrance: So that she doesn’t forget how cool I am! I always want to remind her how fun, relevant, and smooth her daddy really is. I mean, after all, I did win her momma over! And, hopefully she will remember that she can always go to daddy, because even though I may not understand, I am there and I love her.”

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” – Psalm 127:3

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Date Your Daughter

  1. My husband and I are a part of a couple’s group where among other activities, we discuss books, tv, movies, and the internet Christian websites’ messages. One thing we in the group agree on, is that, there are double standards against against both genders, but most are thrown at the wife, the mother.
    Many of the messages lean towards telling the wives to do this and that where they are to lift their husbands up, but no messages talk to the husbands to do the same for their wives. In recent years, the man exalting notions have increased significantly, with ideas like, the dad is supposed to take daughter on dates-wrong. Dads dont date their daughters, only his wife. His daughter is not his girlfriend. Another notion says that dad is the only one to lift daughter’s self esteem. Oh so wrong. Her mother is capable of producing a strong daughter with high self esteem. It happens everyday, all day. Another notion, is that the dad is the one who the boyfriend should ask for permission to date the daughter. Wow!! This is so wrong. Then there is a notion that says the daughter should male sure that she does this and that for dad, since he was the one to put a roof over her head. Wrong. Mother contributed just as much with raising the daughter, plus many mothers work too, thus putting a roof over the daughter and son’s head. still another notion, states that dad is the one to walk the daughter down the aisle, take her to a purity ball, be ause her virginity belongs to him.

    When and will we ever stop exalting dad as the most important parent, when we honor the mother who is the one that conceived, carried, gave birth, then gave up her needs to raise and care of the daughters and the son, all those years. And in your article, it says: “my daughter”
    ” pursued by her dad?”
    ” can always go to her dad”

    There are other inappropriate words and phrases in this article, but in the meantime, please stop contributing to the motions that exalt dads, husbands. it is wrong
    We are slowly and surely brainwashing girls and women. Please don’t do this. Dads, husbands, are not, are not, are not, more important that moms and wives! 2-1-2015

  2. Jean….I would challenge you to find anything that we’ve posted that says that dads and husbands are more important than moms and wives.

    Even further….we have been focused on challenging men in their roles as husbands and fathers. We have written many articles speaking directly to men about loving their wives and submitting themselves to God before expecting their wives to submit themselves. We have been very specific in speaking to men about stepping up and taking ownership of themselves and leading their marriages and families.

    I would submit that we could spend quite some time talking about how men have been emasculated and demeaned over the last forty years…..or point to countless articles in women’s publications asking where all the men have gone. I believe that as a culture we’ve lost focus on what God has called men and women to be in their marriages and what fathers and mothers should be doing together to raise their children. We might need to simply agree to disagree!

    God created men and women different. Each has a specific and important role in raising their children. It is the same in a marriage with a husband and a wife. Men are to love their wives. Wives are to respect their husbands. It requires both fulfilling their roles to create a successful marriage….just as it requires both to raise their children.

    Thanks for reading the blog and providing your thoughts.

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