Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen sings about them. Uncle Rico in the movie Napoleon Dynamite dreams of his glory days as the star quarterback on his high school football team. We have all shared fond memories from the past….places we’ve been, things that we have done or people that we have known.

It is nice to reminisce about the past. After all the experiences that we’ve had in the past have helped define who we are today. A little nostalgia for another time period in history can be a positive thing, but too much nostalgia for another time in your life can rob you of satisfaction and happiness in this one. If we believe that our best days are behind us, we’ve lowered expectations on our future.

Guys….how do we apply this to our marriages?

Are you letting the “good times” that occurred before your marriage be used in comparison to what you have with your wife today? Even more relevant….are lowering the desires you have for you marriage today (and tomorrow) because you don’t believe that your marriage will ever be as good as it was when it started?

Honestly….are you going to allow the “good times” from 20 years ago be defined as the best moments of your lives? Was all the partying back in the day with friends that you barely speak to today….really better than the satisfaction that can come from being married to you wife or being a father to your children?

I hope not. Wouldn’t it be much better if when we look back over our lives we can say….the spent the best days of my life with my wife and children?


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