Lick the Sticker

Have you ever tried to place a decal on your car window…only to realize that it is crooked or that there are bubbles that you cannot remove? It is even worse with a vehicle inspection sticker that you don’t have any control over the placement. You are stuck with looking at that sticker for an entire year. I’ve been known to obsess over the crookedness of the sticker or that I wasn’t able to control the placement…..left with disappointment or distraction.

I wonder…..aren’t we all crooked little stickers on God’s windshield? Or are we hold other in contempt for the crooked stickers that have been placed on our windshield?

God doesn’t obsess over the crookedness or the tiny little bubbles. He simply forgives and loves us. He guides and strengthens us.

PS – if you lick the sticker before placing it, then you will be able to move and smooth it until it is where you intended it to be. It will dry firmly in place just as you intended it to be.


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