Divorced People Share Four Keys to Successful Marriage

Sometimes…..the best advice comes from those who have gone before us and failed.

1) Speaking positively to and about each other every chance you can get. Avoid saying negative things about your spouse in front of your children and to others. Being positive toward your partner will help create a safe environment.

2) Talk about money. Whether you have joint or separate accounts you should be working together to manage bills, save and spend. It creates closeness.

3) Foster a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Be creative and adventurous like when you first started making love together, but most importantly be consistent, loving and caring in this area of your marriage.

4) Spend time together. Make each other the most important priority in your lives. Focus on creating a lasting friendship will create a foundation that will allow you both to support each other with every other part of your life good times or bad.


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