Here We Go Steelers….Here We Go!

I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. We have had rough couple of seasons and then lost in the first round of the playoffs this year. Nonetheless…I will always remain a Steelers fan. I started thinking about my determined dedication to my team. Men…and plenty of women…are fiercely loyal to their teams.

Are we that loyal to our wives and families?

What I will say is that as men we need to be mindful of the time we are spending devoting ourselves to watching football and reliving the glory days of our youth. While I know that it is easy to get locked in while watching a game, sitting in your chair a certain way for luck (remember…it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work) even when you are watching a game using the DVR, and making your kitchen your personal concession stand, we are husbands and fathers first of all. I am not saying to not watch the game. What I am saying is we need to be human. We need to be able to break loose and interact with our wives and kids from time to time during the football games. If we can stop occasionally and let them know that we love them and care about their feelings, we might be able to not dig ourselves such a big hole in the frozen tundra we have created. Chances are your wife is not going to be as big a fan of football as you. She may try watching a game, but probably not five out of the seven days in a week. Even if you are watching a game, try to be available to her to cuddle, hold hands, and rub her shoulders. Talk to her when you can and make sure when you do that most of it is not about football. For extra credit, you might even try to do some quick chores during commercials to help her around the house. I have folded a ton of laundry during football games.

With football especially, I know every game is important. When your team plays, you never fully feel secure that your team will win until the clock strikes 0:00. If for some strange reason, your team doesn’t pull off the victory this weekend, be careful to not let the outcome affect you and your family. Don’t let a college or NFL football game alter the way you treat them or respond to them. Remember that it is a game and particularly with the kids you are being a huge example of sportsmanship and maturity.

Lastly, win and lose with class.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

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