Prayer Adjustment

Isn’t it interesting how God places people, places or things in moments to help redirect your thinking or feelings in a moment?

I will confess….

I’ve been having a negative attitude lately.  I think that I have been trying to control situations and things that I have almost zero control over….and because of that I have created a cycle of frustration within my heart.  I’ve even had moments where I have been trying to give God my advice rather than my prayers.

I am up way too early for a weekend morning.  It is quiet in the house.  Just me, the cat (could be a whole blog post one day) and a cup of coffee.  I am presented with a blog post from the Peaceful Wife titled “A Call To Prayer For Our Husbands” (   She writes:  “The key is – I must be a righteous person before my prayers will be powerful or effective. I have no righteousness on my own. The only way I can appear righteous before the one Holy God of the universe is to be clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, fully trusting in all that He did for me on the cross and in His resurrection. My motives and my heart must be pure for me to pray with power and effectiveness. I can leave the timing and how each prayer is answered up to God.”  She presents a list of things what she means.  I have updated the list to speak to husbands:

  1. I must belong to Christ. He must be my Savior and also my LORD. He must be my Master, and I must be fully submitted to Him, ready and willing to obey anything He asks me to do. I must hold nothing back from God.
  2. I must not cherish any sin in my heart or God will not hear me – i.e.: pride, selfishness, self-righteousness, resentment, fear, unbelief, vengeance, bitterness (against people or God), anger, hatred, idolatry (putting something above Christ in my heart and desiring the thing I am praying for more than I desire Christ – self, my will, happiness, my wife, my marriage, feeling respect, intimacy, children, etc). My motives must be purely to
  3. Love, obey, and honor God
  4. Love and bless my wife without seeking anything for myself (no ulterior motives, manipulation, or strings attached). This is God’s agape love that is described in I Corinthians 13:4-8 with which all believers are commanded to love all other people.

(These motives ensure that I am obeying the two Greatest Commandments Christ gave us in Matthew 22:38-39.)

  1. I must be walking in joyful obedience (by God’s power working in me, not my own strength) to what God has shown me to do already according to His Word.
  2. I must be Spirit-filled.
  3. I must be humble before God and before my wife and family.
  4. I must have proper reverence for God and love for my wife.

Sometimes….we need to step back and rethink how we are approaching things.  Through my frustration…I am not leading.  I am allowing my feelings to control my reactions rather than controlling my reactions.  I challenge you (and obviously me) to live by our faith and through prayer instead.

Be Strong.  Act Like Men.


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