House Rules

We’ve talked with our children about house rules. You know…..

If you make a mess, then clean it up.

If you get it out, then put it away.

Be respectful of others.

It’s all the normal stuff. Rules defined teach productivity while strengthening the family.

Wouldn’t the same thing apply in our marriage? Your marriage can move to a new level of health and happiness when you establish some “House Rules” to clearly define what’s good and what’s “out of bounds.” Here are some “rules” which could help your family. I encourage you to adopt these (or your own version of them) in your marriage!

  1. We will laugh A LOT! Happiness and Joy should be normal parts of everyday life; not the exception. Laughter should fill the soundtrack to our lives. We will work to have more comedy and less “drama” in our home!
  2. We will always tell the truth! There is no place for secrecy in our marriage. We will fight for trust, honesty and transparency.
  3. We will choose to see the best in each other. We’ll “blow it” sometimes, because we’re two imperfect people, but we will be quick to admit fault, humbly seek forgiveness and offer grace to each other.
  4. We will not “keep score.”We won’t hold onto old hurts and use them as ammunition in future disagreements. We will always pursue healing over punishment.
  5. We will celebrate each other’s “wins.” We will be each other’s biggest encouragers; not the biggest critics. We’ll celebrate with each other and never be jealous of each other. We share every victory (and ever defeat).
  6. We will support each other’s dreams! We will help each other achieve all we set out to accomplish.
  7. We will bring out the best in each other. Through encouragement, affirmation, support and unconditional commitment, we will strive to accept each other exactly as we are, but also push each other to become all we were created to be.
  8. We will have each other’s backs! We won’t stand by while anyone or anything threatens our marriage. We will defend each other and fight for each other’s honor.
  9. We will keep growing. We won’t settle for slipping into “autopilot.” We will continuously invest into our marriage and grow deeper in our friendship, intimacy and trust through all the seasons of our life together.
  10. We will never give up on each other! When we said, “Til death do us part,” we meant it! There is no escape clause or exit strategy. In good times, we’ll celebrate together. In hard times, we’ll lean on each other. In all times, now and always, we’ll stand by each other’s side until the end…no matter what!

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