We share a Facebook page…..my wife and I. We took my existing page; and then converted it. We have mutual friends, friends from high school and college. Only challenge…when we start leaving each other comments to status updates. It looks like we are talking to ourselves…which is funny. We like it. It has been fun.

A single guy at work thought it was a ridiculous idea. He suggested that I was not “in control” of my marriage and that I had given up my privacy to my wife. It was at work, so I simply left him with this – it was my decision to open my Facebook page to my wife to build trust between us. I’ve been thinking about this conversation and reading articles about it. Here are a couple of headlines:

Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble, say U.S. lawyers

Facebook often leads to divorce

Facebook contributes to 20% of all divorce

Now – it’s not Facebook. It is the Facebook users. It is the behavior of the user.

Facebook, texting, smart phones, emails are all ways to exclude our spouse from our lives. Would you find it acceptable to allow your spouse to invite a “friend” of the opposite sex to visit your home and retreat into a room behind a closed door; and then have a private conversation? It is not appropriate to take this action; however we justify the behavior because it is Facebook? It is not okay to take this type of action. Plain and simple.

What? So…you think you are entitled to your privacy?

If you are not willing to allow your wife into every part of your life; then that is not privacy – that’s called secrecy. And secrecy it not acceptable in a marriage. Privacy – that might not be the right thing either. Tiger Woods had a yacht named – “Privacy”. We know how that turned out.

Tomorrow – 10 Facebook Rules for Married Couples

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

One thought on “Facebook

  1. While we don’t share a FB page, we’re signed in (via different browsers) on the same computer so there’s complete transparency. You’re spot on here though. 1 Cor 4:5 (partial)….. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart…….

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