Three Issues That Grieve Me More Than the Ruling Redefining Marriage

I’ve been asked my thoughts on the ruling. Simply put….I believe in God’s plan for marriage between a man and a woman. Does that mean that I should demand that my beliefs be everyone’s beliefs or that I should reject those individuals that do not agree with me? Absolutely not. It is not my role to judge others, but to simply to love and forgive as God has loved and forgiven me.

I feel like our culture as lost the ability to have a civil discussion. The fact that we may disagree does not mean that I hate you or do not like you, it just means that we disagree. I clarify that because the understanding of a lot of the words has changed overtime. Tolerance does not mean ‘I disagree with you, but I respect your right to have a different view’ it now means if you don’t agree with my view then you are intolerant. Similarly disagreement has come to mean, ‘I hate you’, ‘I do not like you’ instead of a difference of view taken on a particular issue.

Over the course of the week….we are going to share an article from Dennis Rainey with Family Life Ministries. It is his perspective following the United State Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. It is a great article on some areas that need receive our focus. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Today: Dennis Rainey thoughts on the decision

Tuesday: A generation that has lost hope in marriage

Wednesday: Fatherless America

Thursday: Trans-spiritual Christians

“I was sitting in my office one afternoon a couple of weeks ago when I received one of those blessings of being a grandparent—a text message from my 10-year-old granddaughter Gabby. “I love you,” she wrote. “What are you doing today, Papa?”

I pushed back from my desk and thought about her question: What in the world am I doing today?

As I pondered, a wave of emotion washed over me as I thought about the weight of what God has given me to do with FamilyLife. I decided to answer her question as simply and as honestly as I could. I pecked out my response and hit the send button: 

“Working hard to help marriages and families do it God’s way.”

Her reply? “That is awesome.”

Gabby doesn’t understand it yet, but Barbara and I have given nearly four decades of our adult lives to building godly marriages and families, both for this generation and the next. Though we expected the June 26 decision on same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court, we are nevertheless grieved that the court has ruled that, in our nation, we must uncouple the definition of marriage from its historic and biblical moorings. 

Let me say this at the outset: I am also saddened that we in the Christian community haven’t done a better job of graciously standing for the truth and loving those who disagree with us about the definition of marriage. Our collective fear of offending has taken away our ability to love boldly. My personal ambition is to attempt to love all people as Christ loves all, including those who differ with me.  

Nonetheless, I grieve today …

… over the Supreme Court ruling. God created marriage, not man. Marriage is a mysterious reflection of the Trinity. Attempting to change the divine Artist’s intentions will bring multiplied unforeseen consequences. 

… for the losses this generation and succeeding ones will face. Tampering with the DNA of marriage, the most basic unit of society, will result in a hundred lesser evils everywhere among us.  

… that a majority of the Supreme Court justices, by their approval of same-sex marriage, have also placed their stamp of approval on homosexuality, which the Bible clearly defines as sin. Celebrating a behavior and a lifestyle that is unhealthy for individuals and society is no different than celebrating other behaviors the Bible calls sin, such as theft or murder or adultery, which our nation continues to discourage with laws and consequences.

This is no small matter that our justices have determined for our nation. Definitions matter because the truth matters.

But you may be surprised to learn that there are three other issues that concern me just as much as same-sex marriage—and perhaps more. 

We live in a culture that is steadily moving away from God’s truth. I’m reminded of the days described in the Old Testament, when “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). We build our homes upon the shifting sands of personal freedom and autonomy rather than the timeless principles of God’s Word. As a result our families are in serious trouble and need help now.

Here are three toxic crises which have concerned me for years as I’ve watched the increasing corrosion of families in our nation and around the world.”


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