Fatherless America

Article by Dennis Rainey continued:

Crisis #2:  Fatherless America

Destroy a culture of marriage and what do you get? Men who are not civilized by the love of a woman. Dr. George Gilder, a Harvard sociologist, calls these men “barbarians.” Having no marriage and no place to invest their masculine sexual energy, they roam, they sow seeds, and they refuse to assume the noble calling of a being a responsible man, husband, and father.

No nation will outlive the death of real men.

Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project and a professor at the University of Virginia, once told me that in 1960 a little over five percent of all births in America were to unwed mothers. The nuclear family, even in its dysfunction, was solid; fathers didn’t do it perfectly, but they were having children with their wives and they were there.

Today 43 percent of births are to unwed mothers. Yes, there are dads who stick around and cohabit or even marry, but the majority of these children born to single women are raised in homes without a father.

This is a huge problem for America and its homes. Children growing up without a father face a higher risk for:

  • sexual abuse
  • physical abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • increased suicide
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • homelessness
  • placement in the foster care system
  • incarceration
  • poverty

Contrast that dark picture with a Brookings Institute discovery. If four historically proven lifestyle choices are present, families and children have a 90 percent probability of  avoiding long-term poverty. Those four factors are:

  • a high school diploma
  • a job
  • marriage
  • children

In other words, the timeless model of progress into responsible adulthood—education, employment, marriage, and children—is the most reliable path to a healthy, productive life. Therefore, if we don’t train men in their responsibilities and show them how to be men … if the rate of births to unwed mothers continues to climb … what does this mean for America? The majority of men in America will grow up without any model of what it means to be a man.

There will be an even greater acceleration of women and children being abused.

We will not be able to build prisons fast enough.

Government will, in effect, have to become “daddy.”

And the church will be overwhelmed with the needs of a generation that has endured unspeakable evils.

All this leads me to the third, and most important, issue that troubles me more than the recent Supreme Court ruling.

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