Listening in the silence

It’s 6:30am on the morning of Labor Day. I am sitting out back drinking a cup of coffee and reading a devotional called 40 Days with the Holy Spirit. It took me a little bit to read the four short pages. I kept getting distracted by the silence….the nothingness of the early morning. The occasional bird, the ant crawling across my book, the tree frogs and the quiet of a new day.

I won’t pretend and tell you that I start each day this way. I don’t. I ended up sitting here because I went to bed with a bad attitude. I didn’t sleep well and decided somewhere around 3am that I needed to change my course. I needed to change my heart. So…I reached for my phone and set my alarm for 6am simply so I could be outside as the day started. I enjoy backpacking and camping. My favorite time of the day is early before everyone wakes up. It’s when I find the most peace….the most calm.

Back to my bad attitude….have you ever noticed how easy it is to forget to acknowledge all that God has done in your life…the blessings and the people that you have around you. To get caught up in the daily grind and start to demand that people conform to your expectations. In a simple word….selfish.

That’s been me lately. It’s a long story….and maybe a good blog post someday.

Guys…I wanted to share with you what I discovered this morning as I was reading my devotional and was able to absorb while sitting in the silence. It isn’t about me. Yeah yeah….sounds simple right?

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?”

  • 1 Corinthians 3:16

It hit me this way…..the Holy Spirit dwells within my wife. She is a temple. Not to be worshipped, but to be cherished and loved. To be forgiven and shown grace.

Maybe you’ll read this and see nothing. Maybe you’ll draw the same conclusion. It’s not for me to sway you. I challenge you to grab the Bible, a devotional or simply a cup of coffee, and then find some silence and listen. You might be surprised at what you’ll hear.


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