Frozen dinner or pot pie?

Do you remember those old frozen TV dinners on aluminum tray? Each tray had separate compartments for each part of the entrée and dessert. Even the more modern microwavable meals have the separation.

Think about the dinner; and then think about ourselves as men. We often try to compartmentalize our lives. Men are wired to think in a linear fashion, this kind of separation usually works nicely: The job goes in one compartment of the tray. Put our wife and family in another. Friends and extended family in another. Maybe God is relegated to the dessert compartment—the smallest one in the tray that gets attention only for an hour or so on Sunday.

In high school – I have a job making chicken pot pies. I think the pot pie is a better representation of how life really works. Inside the flaky crust is a combination of food groups….it is nearly impossible to separate the different parts of the pie from each other.

My point: Life doesn’t fit into neat compartments.

Parts of the pot pie: Chicken. Peas. Carrots. Crust. And the one component that flows through it all – the gravy.

Let’s take it out of the oven…consider your life—every aspect of it. Does it all belong to God? Does it all praise God? He desires to be brought into the discussion, to permeate every aspect of your life. Like gravy in a pot pie, once you allow Him to cover every aspect of your life you’ll discover a richer and tastier experience.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

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