What is it about people?

Our ability to appreciate the majestic is only rivaled by one thing: our ability to get bored with it.

Think about our space program. Our country was fascinated with beating the Soviets and putting a man on the moon. Every detail of the program was covered over a nine year period. The landing was viewed by half a billion people. Less than a year later….public interests had disappeared. Move on to the space shuttle program. Shuttle launches were broadcast on all the TV networks. Everyone stopped to watch; and then like everything else…we stopped watching. Even the very last shuttle flight wasn’t really broadcast.

It really shouldn’t surprise us. It’s human nature to lose interest in things that ought to inspire us. How about our marriages? A man and a woman stand at the altar, and it seems impossible that their passion could ever fade. Yet, fast forward to the near future, and in too many cases their life together had begun to drift toward the mundane.

It’s natural. But it is all the more reason why we must fight this tendency. Make time in your day to connect with one another. Do something. Be proactive. Be intentional about reviving the fire that God used to draw you together in the first place.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

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