Yellow Cards

During our soccer game yesterday – a player on the other team was given a yellow card for cursing at player from our team.   Our player has bumped into him as he was coming off the field.  That’s it.  A bump lead to cursing.  Cursing lead to a yellow card and a free kick.

Whether intentional or not….we have all thought, said or done things in reaction to our offense in a situation.  I can still hear my high school soccer coach saying no matter what happens to you on the field, don’t compound the problem by trying to get back at whoever did something to you.  Even if our player had intentionally bumped into the player from the other team – what was the results of the player’s cursing?  Focus was placed on the cursing which meant that maybe our player got away with it.

It happens in sports and it happens in our marriages.  Your spouse says something.  We get defensive and retaliate.  And now…we are off to the races arguing about the argument rather than solving the problem and creating unity.  It’s important to know that God doesn’t  think in terms of who said what first or how sinful one person’s actions may be when compared to the other person’s.  It all causes us to be separated from God and each other.

When you find yourself in a volatile situation…don’t make things worse by letting anger and personal pride get the better of you.  If you stay calm, instead of reacting angrily, it will be easier to control yourself.  That control will demonstrate leadership and exudes God’s love.

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