I’ll Say It Again – Be Forgiving

We have talked and talked and talked about forgiveness.  I thought I would talk about it again….call it continue my personal need to remind myself.  Jesus told Peter that we must forgive seventy times seven, so I figure we can talk about it that many times!

Forgiveness is hard.  It doesn’t…at least for me…come naturally.  I talked about my soccer coach last week and controlling our responses on the soccer field.  I’d listen to that advice about not retaliating when I was foul.  I wouldn’t.  I’d wait because I wasn’t going be fouled without a payback.  You’d get fouled later in the game.

How stupid is that approach?  My lack of forgiveness on the field would distract me from helping my team.  Same thing occurs in your marriage – focus on the offense rather than forgiveness and your marriage isn’t going to win the game.

Peter thought he was being very generous when he proposed forgiving seven times.  Peter learned that as a follower of Christ that we need to be willing to forgive without keeping track of the number of times we need to forgive.  God’s forgiveness for us is limitless and beyond anything we deserve.  Our attitude toward true forgiveness should mirror the attitude of the one that we are trying to be like.  Forgive others like he as forgiven you.

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