Don’t Stop Short

God may call us to so some big things in our lives, but being obedient to God in the little things He calls us to do on a daily basis is critical.  Too often we fail to or skip over the importance of the little things because they seem so insignificant.  Or sometime we are not sure that we can pull them off, so we end up stopping short of where we know God wants us to go.

The little things we fail to do or fail to see – and the result is less than we planned.  The little things we fail to do can make us come up short of where we wanted to be.  How many victories are we missing because we fail to do the little things or because we unknowingly stopped short of success?  Success could be right around the corner, but you stop walking and never get to that corner.

Little things done consistently from the heart regardless of the situation around you will have deeper and greater impact.   God has an assignment…and plan for your marriage.  It is filled with purpose.  Complete the task.  Press through any obstacle.  Don’t stop short.

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