Lesson from Abigail

Do you remember the story of Abigail and David?

Abigail was married to Nabal.  He was a king.  David was an outlaw who requested help from Nabal.  Nabal refused.  David decided to take what he needed by force.  He was willing to kill for what he needed.  Abigail went to David apologized for Nabal’s behavior.  She spoke to David’s good side.  David changed his mind.  Abigail saved her children.  David went on to be a great king.

Our words have the power to lift each other up…or the power to crush each other.  We need to speak to each others and our children’s potential.  We need to speak to each others Christ like potential…speaking life and hope.  It’s more than just speaking the words.  We need to serve and love each other.   God didn’t just say things…He backed it up by sending His Son to die for our sins.  We need to live in a Christ like manner…to make things better.

With our relationships…we need to stop waiting on them to get better.  We need to say…I will speak life…hope…possibility into our relationships; and then we need to get out of the way, understand that it is not perfect and trust the God will handle the rest.  It’s not easy.  It won’t be easy.  Why doesn’t God make it easy?  God wants us to be close to Him.  He is with us.  We need to be with Him.  And through Him…our relationships with each other and our children improve.

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