Happy Valentine’s Day

I had a different post written for today. It was going to talk about the importance of loving and pursuing our wives every day. I was going to connect it to how greeting card and floral industry have twisted the true meaning of love into a multi-billion dollar holiday; and then….

I see the excitement in my wife’s eyes this morning over it being Valentine’s Day. I see the little things that she has done to make it a special day for everyone that she loves. I see the joy that she has in her heart. I see the woman that caused me to fall in love with her….and I fell in love with her all over again.

Guys…it is easy for us to simply focus on tasks. Flowers – check. Card – check. Chocolates – check. I’ve checked off my list. I am sure that you’ve checked off your list. Let’s challenge ourselves to make today a day that is much more than cards and flowers. Make a statement – today is the day that we start to pursue our wives and leading our marriages to the place that God intends it to be.

To my wife – I am grateful that God gave such an imperfect man such a wonderful gift in you. I am blessed to be able to love my best friend. I love you babe. I like you even more.

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