Mr. Fix-it

Have you ever tried to fix your wife? Have you ever tried to fix her problems for her?

We can’t fix our wives, so we need to stop trying. I am sure that this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this. I’ve learned this. I’ve read about it. I understand it. I am writing you about it today. Somehow, I still think that it is my job to fix her or her problems anyway.

Let’s say that your wife has had a bad day at work. She starts to share her frustrations. You have two options:

1) Start to problem solve all that went wrong offering up solutions on how to correct those problems; and then provide a critique on where her actions or lack thereof helped to contribute to her misery.


2) Listen. Empathize with her feelings. Ask her if you can help her…if not help her…what specifically you can pray about for her.

Which is going to produce the better result?

My wife is smart and talented. She is much more than she even gives herself credit for in these areas. My job is not to fix things for my wife. God will handle that. My job is to nourish and cherish her in God’s instructions to husbands (Ephesians 5:28-29).

Let’s take our ability to fix things – and use it to fix ourselves. That might be the greatest fix that we can give our wives.

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