The Majors

Let’s go back to my mid-20s…..

I’d go to church on those days when I assumed good husbands go to church with their wives:

Easter.  Mother’s Day.  Christmas Eve.  Valentine’s Day (only when it fell on Sunday)

One year my youngest son said….”Dad if you go to church with us this morning…when will you cut the grass?”  See…that is what I did while they were at church every Sunday.

I regret the example that I set for my children and the lack of leadership I showed in my marriage.  I’ve learned through our the last 10 years the importance of having a relationship with Christ.  I go to church.  I worship.  I volunteer.  I give.  I listen…and occasionally agree with the preacher out loud.  It has been an amazing change in my life.

It got me thinking about our role as a husband.

Are we taking the same approach in our relationship with our wives?  Do we only show up on the majors (i.e. birthday, Mother’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day)?   Do we only show up when there is something that we want (i.e. guys night out, sex, laundry done, game time, sex)?

We know the importance of having a purposeful and consistent relationship with Christ.

Are we applying the same approach and understanding to our marriages?

Just a little food for thought today.

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