Poor Communication Behaviors

We posted Proverbs 18 yesterday.

What? You didn’t read it. That’s alright…..just go back and read it.  And then proceed with today’s post:

Top Paths of Destruction via Poor Communication Behaviors (based on Proverbs 18)

1. Stop being “friendly” and demand others serve you (no common courtesies like “please,” and “thank you”) (v1)
2. Don’t try to understand his/her perspective by asking questions, that might build relationship – why do that when you can lecture and communicate a condescending attitude instead? (v2)
3. Be nasty and mean in the words you say, being sure you fail to recognize the other as precious to God (v3)
4. Be disrespectful or sarcastic with your words (v4, 6, and 7)
5. Don’t share your struggles with a trusted advisor to get some help, but rather let other people know how horrible he/she is instead (v8)
6. Be lazy in your efforts at home – make the other person bear the burden of the relationship work, or the house work – whatever you do, don’t help(v9)
7. Don’t pray (v10)
8. Lean on your “stuff” and your own abilities, instead of God (v11)
9. Think you are better/smarter/holier than him or her (v12)
10. Be sure to interrupt and talk over your spouse or child even though it is rude – they should know what they have to say doesn’t matter and you really don’t care anyway (v13)
11. Tear the other down, instead of paying attention to small steps of progress, or whatever is right because that is what motivates them to keep trying to grow (v14)
12. Don’t apologize for how you have hurt the other, and especially don’t change your behavior (repentance) (v19)

Source: Respect Dare by Nina Roesner

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