Rock Gardens

Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. — 1 Corinthians 3:7

Who is the seemingly impossible person in your life whom you must interact with on a regular basis? There’s someone like that in everyone’s life. Perhaps we work with them, serve with them, gave birth to them, married them, or go to school with them. These people are often socially challenged or just plain self-centered and stubborn. We make various attempts to develop a harmonious relationship, pleading with God to enable us to love this person with His love. Nothing works.

Even if we managed to sow a single seed of love, we sense that a hard heart, disinterest, maybe pain, or even fear will keep that seed from growing or even taking root. But just as plants do grow in a rock garden, we may be surprised by what blossoms in a person’s hardened heart.

Rock gardens are a great solution to sloping land or other problem areas in a yard. The design and installation take a lot of work, but once they’re established, rock gardens are usually very low maintenance. These gardens can also be a great location for more delicate plants that might be overshadowed in a traditional garden. In a rock garden plants have time to develop a root system and grow to maturity with very little a rock garden, the gardener may pull an occasional weed or periodically water, but nature does its God-given work, and a formerly awkward spot becomes something truly beautiful, if not breathtaking. Gardeners don’t need to overhaul the layout or rearrange the rocks in order to uncover the plants’ potential. Instead, their unique characteristics are showcased in the new, colorful growth emerging in the cracks and crannies.

Back to your impossible person…

What might happen if you thought of yourself as a seed sower in that impossible person’s life? Think too about what may be taking root in his or her heart. Remember that you are in each other’s lives for a reason and that God can make things grow in the most unlikely places.

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