Raising girls

Based on my learnings (and failures)…I’ve compiled a list of the things I believe all dads of daughters should know to make sure your influence is the best possible kind.

Yes…it is in a list format!

1. Know that from day one, she’ll always be your little girl. But you have to put in the effort to keep it that way.

2. Don’t assume or influence what her interests will be because she’s a girl. Don’t just point out flowers and dolls. Show her cars and LEGOs, too.

3. Let her help you around the house or with your work. She’ll grow up to be a woman who feels confident stepping up in the workplace, no matter the job.

4. Talk to her mom like an equal, not an inferior, and she’ll someday expect the same.

5. Show her your sensitive side. She’ll see that if she’s sensitive, too, it doesn’t make her weak.

6. Have inside jokes or games, just between the two of you. Trust me, she’ll remember them forever.

7. Encourage her to do the things that scare her, because you’ll always have her back.

8. Make her promises, and then keep them. The only heartbreak in her life should come from others who don’t know how special she is.

9. Show her the skills that you know well.

10. Ask her to show you the skills that she knows well and you don’t.

11. Attempt to understand her interests even when you don’t. You’ll teach her that no matter what her talents are — ballet, art or wrestling with the boys— they matter.

12. This is especially true if her interests are more “girly.” Teach her that her interests are just as important no matter what they are.


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