Most Popular Post Countdown – #2

Are you still dating your wife?

If not, you should be. Remember those days early on in your relationship before you were married or maybe even just after? Remember the way it felt to have someone be the focus of all your attention, mentally, emotionally, physically? Remember all the Corny things you would do to make her feel special or for one chance to get her to notice you? Remember all the creative things you would do just to spend one more hour with her? Are you still doing those things? If you’re anything like me and have been married long enough then jobs, kids activities, and the general business of our daily lives has prevented you from continuing to date your wife, but it shouldn’t. The enemy is very skilled at finding ways to get between you and your wife and using the daily mundane structure of our lives is one of his most used tools. Well it’s time to recognize that and do something about it. My wife and I recently sent our oldest off to college and in doing so have found a whole new schedule around our lives and are being very intentional to take a good portion of that time to ‘date’ again.

Get back that relationship you had early in your marriage or when you were courting. Make it a priority to ‘date’ your wife. Don’t ever give up making her feel like everyday is a new and exciting day to be in a relationship with you. Show her how important she is by cultivating and guarding the woman that God has entrusted you with. You know your wife better than anyone else, you know what she will like and what will work but if you need any ideas here are a few dating tips to kick start your creativity (some content of list taken from

1. Make a list of ten things your wife loves to do. Each new time you take your wife on a date, do one of those ten things as your date.

2. Do the classic date: dinner and a show. Take your wife to din­ner and to a movie she wants to watch.

3. Write a love note to your wife. Tell her all over again what she means to you.

4. Spend an evening stargazing with your wife and talking about dreams you have for the future.

5. Devote the next month to studying a book of the Bible with your wife. Take twenty minutes several nights a week to read, discuss, and pray through a shorter book such as Ephesians or Philippians.

6. Hold your wife’s hand often, in public and in private.

7. Tell your wife that you love her. Tell your wife that Jesus loves her more than you do. Pray with her.

8. Set a weekly date night. Each week rotate going out and stay­ing in for your date night.

9. Cancel work for the day and do something special with your wife.

10. Cut something from your schedule and use that time to date your wife.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

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