Obligation or Opportunity?

Put the following into one of these categories: Obligation or Opportunity

• Doing yard work
• Folding laundry
• Engaging your wife and children
• Going to church
• Praying
• Watching your favorite team
• Hanging with your buddies
• Going fishing or hunting

Did yard work and laundry fall into the opportunity category? Did you place watching your favorite sports team in the obligation category?

What happens of you decide see obligations as opportunities?

Invite your wife outside to help with the yard work. Offer to help her fold the laundry together. Pull out a puzzle or a board game with the kids. Ask your wife how her day was. If you view these as opportunities to connect with the most important people in your life, then you attitude toward these “obligations” will change your heart…..and it will ultimately change the level of success that you experience.

We have no idea what God intends for our marriage if we remain narrow-minded. But…if we open our hearts to God’s plan for our marriage and trust in Him, then can you imagine what God will do!

Being married to your wife and leading your marriage is an opportunity to grow in your relationship with God. It is an opportunity to celebrate rather than an obligation that you must struggle through. God gave us the opportunity love and respect each other…to grow closer to Him through each other. It is a simple key to success….and one that we don’t take advantage of nearly enough.

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