The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” – Genesis 2:18

I’d like to share a moment with you.  It’s a moment looking back that I can clearly see embarrassed my wife in front a co-worker.

We were crossing a street at the crosswalk.  We had the right of way meaning that cars needed to yield to pedestrians.  We were in the middle of the crosswalk.  We were nearly struck by a car because the driver decided that he was going to go through.  I immediately verbalized my frustration to the driver while stepping toward the vehicle.

And we know immediately those moments where we have upset our wives.  I knew it.  I tried to play it cool.  And then later…I attempted to defend myself over my actions which simply compounded the frustration my wife felt.

Next morning…I apologized for embarrassing her.  She accepted my apology, and then in a strong, loving and caring manner challenged me to handle myself different in those moments.  It was a defining moment for me.  It created such a power moment in my heart for her.

God saw that it was not good for man to be alone.  Years from now when I look back…this moment…this help…this encouragement…will be remembered as a moment where God once again show His presence in my life through my wife’s love and her desire for me to pursue Him.

Be Strong.  Act Like Men.

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