Star Wars

Star Wars – the Last Jedi was released last week. It has been one of the most anticipated events in the last 20 years. People were camping out dressed as their favorite character. Advertisers have been using the movie to sell their products. Endless interviews with the actors. Glitzy Hollywood style movie premieres everywhere you went.  Hect…there were even Star Wars themed marriages while people were waiting in line.

Contrast that with the birth of Jesus Christ. A baby born in a barn. It was quiet and simple. It was humble and down to earth. Why?

It’s God we are talking about. It could have been very easy to arrange a huge premiere. Angels singing. People gathered. A five-star Bethlehem inn. Food and wine.

It didn’t happen that way.

Do you live in that world of glitz and glamour? I don’t. We have bills to pay, jobs to work, and grass to cut. Our faces won’t grace any magazine covers, and we aren’t expecting a call from the White House or Barbara Walters.

Jesus entered the world in the same way we entered the world to live the way we did. It allows God to enter the world through people like us and to come on days like today. A simple and humble way to show His love for us.

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