Four Things

Your marriage won’t be successful because you have chemistry.  It won’t happen because you think you are soul mates.  It will not happen if you leave it to luck.

A successful marriage happens with you put in the effort.  A marriage works when you work at it.

Good habits and disciplines are key to achieving success.  I’ve been reading a lot lately.  I think I have four areas that we all need to concentrate on…

Praying together and trusting God – make time for it every day.  The time spent together praying for each other and your marriage will create closeness.  It helps open yourselves to God’s presence.

Resolve the negative feelings – the feelings of frustration and anger are not sinful even the Bible says that Jesus got angry.  Letting these feelings simmer inside will allow them to become toxic.  A successful marriage allows for negative feelings to be discussed.  Holding them in does nothing to help you achieve oneness.

Have fun together and become best friends – think back to the fun that you used to have when you met.  Mix it up.  Take turns doing something that the other likes.  Schedule a regular date and stick to it.  Marriage can be hard work, so go have some fun together!

Build relationships with other believers – these types of relationships will challenge you to be a better Christian.  It will inspire you to center yourself and your marriage on Christ.  Join a small group at your church.

It takes about 45 to 60 days for a new habit to become part of your daily cycle.  Pick the area that your marriage can benefit from the most….and get started!  It can only help!

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