Cow Manure

Have you ever questioned God’s purpose in your life? Have you ever wondered why God is allowing a struggle or hardship in your life to occur? How about getting discouraged or condemning yourself over the challenges that you are facing? Do you sometime simply feel like manure?

I know that I have felt this way at times, but…….

….even a pile of crap can have a purpose!

Bring me a cow patty, a cow pie, a cow chip…..a meadow muffin!

That’s right! A cow patty has many uses. It can be dried and used as fuel. It can be used to create methane gas generating electricity and heat. It can be used as a cheap insulator. It can be used in the adobe of a mud brick house. All interesting uses. We’ve most likely used cow manure in our gardens to amend the soil and produce new life.

Do you see where I am heading?

God can take the manure in our lives and make all things work together for good.

Be Strong. Act Like Men.

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